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The following was an email discussion I had with a former, multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager



The email chain began on March 16th, 2016 and is set below. 

Steve: What do you think about ARIA here?

Greg (higherlow):

The chart. I can’t argue with it.
1) Momentum divergence off the lows.
2) Broke and holding above down trend
3) Inverse H&S above the downtrend line.
Certainly appears to be accumulating.  It is still below the 200 DMA but as you can see it is basically the neckline and it is flattening. Therefore a breakout would likely put it above a flat to rising 200DMA.
Price target is 8.99.
What is the noise you are hearing?

SteveHearing new good mgmt replaced old bad mgmt -cutting bloated unnecessary costs – and their main drug works. I think my guy thinks it is eventually getting to 20. New Chairman in charge is a hedge fund guy and worked closely w Icahn.

I like it here. Risk is well defined. Which is all that matters to me. I think I would use 5.65 as an area to stop out. Which is basically back below those Aug-Sep Lows. That area should hold if this is going higher. 

Couple more things to note.
1) Look at how that 38.2 fib acted as resistance. TWICE! Magic isn’t it 🙂
2) The Range is 10.00 high – 5.00 low which is = $15 and the 61.8 fib retrace using the high off that big move lower.
3) If it can take out 10, 161.8 Fib = 13.59. So looks like somewhere between 13 and 15 is a good target.
For me it’s all about target, re-evaluate, target, re-evaluate. First place is 8.99


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Greg (followed up with an update on April 28th 2016): 

Always interesting when they pull back into that neckline from a risk reward perspective. 

Steve: May 3rd.
I bought more today – l like it here

Greg: May 3rd. 

Can’t argue too much. 

Greg: May 31st. 

Price target basically acquired. Might be good place to take some. We started analyzing price action on 3/16 as bullish. So 44% in 76 days. Sign me up!






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