At what point are you wrong?

Posted on Tuesday September 29, 2015

Everytime I make a bearish trading call which turns out to be right $AAPL $HZNP and $PYPL and $UNH, $FB (all shorts) lately to name a few, I get shit on by people calling themselves investors.  I call it gambling, personally. Lucky for them the markets tend to bail out the bulls more than the bears, so they have the lukury of eventually being right.

At the end of the day, you can all yourself whatever you so please, and you can call me whatever you want too, I have zero ego. I trade to make money, and I post stuff to keep “Investors” out of harms way.

You can choose to be ignorant and run a strategy of hope, that is fine, but bear markets will hurt your performance badly. I am neither bull or bear. I can only trade what is in my face. I don’t try to call tops or bottoms, I am not a fear mongerer. When stocks become bullish again, I will be buying too, I guess you’ll call me an investor then?

What  I am is a risk manager. What that means is I encompass all information I can come up with fundamentals and price to make a decision. I will stalk trades until the Risk vs. Reward is in my favor and I have to sit and wait the smallest amount of time for the trade to work. The best thing is BEFORE every trade, I know when I am wrong. I have a plan to exit from the start.

So now I poise the question to you so called investors, ( many of which are millennials who were in pampers in 2008 while the rest of us had our hard earned dollars at risk)


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