DAILY MARKET RECAP Wednesday July 27, 2016

Key Developments : Chop Chop Consolidation continues on the way to the 2225 target.  Today’s Action:  A complete mess again. Swing Time Frame (30 min/Hourly): Inverse H&S remains in motion as sideways consolidation continues.  Big Picture: Consolidation into initial target continues.   The Bottom Line:  Today was a non-event and the immediate term action remains choppy[…]


DAILY MARKET RECAP Tuesday July 26, 2016

Key Developments : Sideways consolidation continues on the road to 2225 Today’s Action:  A complete mess while in the trading range.  Swing Time Frame (30 min/Hourly): Just chop, sideways consolidation as the market sits inside last weeks highs and low.    The Bottom Line:  Market continues to consolidate it’s gains into tomorrow FOMC meeting. From a[…]