DAILY MARKET RECAP Monday December 21, 2015

  DAILY MARKET RECAPWednesday January 27, 2016 Key Data-points: Key Developments : Red Dog Reversal to the Downside. AAPL Earnings good, but guidance bad yesterday holds NASDAQ down most of the day.  Inverse H&S dead, now looks to be bearish flag/wedge  SUMMARY : The inverse H&S we were looking at is no more. Instead it appears to be turning[…]

WEEKEND VIDEO JOURNAL NOTES : Saturday January 23, 2016 : Week 3 2016

HIGHERLOW WEEKEND JOURNAL NOTES Saturday January 23, 2016 Week 3 2016  Video: Unlike the last two, the market found some Equilibrium litterally mid week and after selling, Monday, Tuesday and into mid-day wednesday buyers arrived building and triggering 2 bullish patterns, suggesting higher prices ahead in the immediate term.   For the week, all major US averages[…]

DAILY MARKET RECAP Thursday January 21, 2016

  DAILY MARKET RECAPThursday January 21, 2016 Key Datapoints: Key Developments : Despite Rally, Downtrend In Place. Market Fails to take advantage of bullish price patterns.  SUMMARY : We opened virtually flat after a wild overnight trading range. We saw some early weakness bought but then sold in the afternoon session. If you are a bull you[…]

DAILY MARKET RECAP Wednesday January 20, 2016

  DAILY MARKET RECAPWednesday January 20, 2016 Key Datapoints: Key Developments : H&S top pattern on S&P 500 officially triggers on a closing basis with a close below the flash crash low of 1867 Market Tests October 2014 Ebola Low and bounces back to test H&S neckline. SUMMARY : Despite the big rally and some decent trading opportunities,[…]

WEEKEND VIDEO JOURNAL NOTES : Saturday January 16, 2016

HIGHERLOW WEEKEND VIDEO JOURNAL NOTESSaturday January 16, 2016Week 2 2016 No Video This Week, Busy Weekend (Sorry) 🙁 This was the tale of two weeks with strong price action into and immediately after the fed, but instead of the typical fed follow through on Thursday morning, markets quickly reversed path and all four major indexes finished[…]

DAILY MARKET RECAP Thursday January 14, 2015

  DAILY MARKET RECAPThursday January 14, 2016 Key Datapoints: Key Developments : 9/30/2015 Gap Filled at 1884.09 Market Stages an un-impressive short squeeze relief rally off the gap fill.  SUMMARY : As oversold as we are, it was only a matter of time before the market staged one of it’s infamous, bear market, short squeeze relief rallies[…]