DAILY MARKET RECAP Wednesday December 30, 2015

  DAILY MARKET RECAPWednesday December 30, 2015 Key Data points: Key Developments : 2 H&S Reversal Patterns Fire and acquire targets downside targets Cup/Handle breakout from yesterday on life support and in danger of failing.  Strength continues to be sold. SUMMARY :  Using the H&S pattern we closed with and spoke about yesterday, the market gaped[…]

DAILY MARKET RECAP Tuesday December 29, 2015

  DAILY MARKET RECAPTuesday December 29, 2015 Key Data points: Key Developments : Market makes higher swing high and closes above Cup/Handle sees breakout and follow through Market approaching overbought level on the stochastics SUMMARY : Today was a day of some key developments really for the first time in several trading days. After the gap and go[…]

DAILY MARKET RECAP Monday December 21, 2015

  DAILY MARKET RECAPMonday December 21, 2015 Key Datapoints: Key Developments : Market Close back above 2020, with a volatile day, and unfilled upgap.  Potential Inverse H&S could spark the Santa Clause Rally Most are expecting.  SUMMARY : Today was a volatile inside day that closed remarkably strong. We gapped higher this morning squeezing shorts into 2020, however the bears[…]

WEEKEND VIDEO JOURNAL NOTES Saturday December 19, 2015

WEEKEND VIDEO JOURNAL NOTES Saturday December 19, 2015   This was the tale of two weeks with strong price action into and immediately after the fed. However instead of the typical fed follow through on Thursday morning, markets quickly reversed course and all four major indexes finished the week lower as you can see below.  […]